Unique Play Ideas Using Kids Riding Toys

From trucks to tractors, trikes and more; kids just love riding toys. The problem comes in when your little one isn’t big enough to head off to the park with friends, but is bored with riding up and down the sidewalk or in the driveway. When your child makes it to this level, creating fun and interesting games is a must to keep young children out of the streets and safe.

Kids have active imaginations from a young age, so incorporating imaginative play into playing on kids riding toys is not a stretch for them. Have your child pretend to be a firefighter and race their way to save their stuffed animals in their homes before the flames get them. Have your child become an ambulance driver that comes to your rescue with toilet paper bandages and all. Even better, combine those two ideas to have your youngster pretending to be an animal rescue service that drives around fixing the boo-boos of all her stuffed animals.

Use chalk to draw some paths on the driveway or sidewalk that your child must steer through.  Make the paths twist and turn and for added fun put a treat at the end. Alternatively, create obstacle courses for your little one to vroom-vroom around made from things found in the garage like car ramps (upside down to prevent injury), recycling boxes, trash cans, and other objects safe for child play. Put a treat at the end of this course too. Some new kids toys are always a great reward!

For more imaginative play, have a journey through a location. For example, take a ride through the Wild West. Ask your little one what he sees, where his destination is, and create stops along the way to water horses, refuel the riders, and merely rest since long journeys are tiring. This would work well for exploring distant planets, various time periods, and going overseas. This pretend time can be used to instruct additional information about the solar system, history, geography and it won’t seem like learning at all.

Entertaining children with unique ways to play with kids riding toys to keep them out of trouble is easy if you put as much imagination into it as they put into their play. Stop being a grown up for a little while and get down on your child’s level. Your child will love you even more for it!